Being great stewards of our client’s resources begins with the preconstruction effort. We dedicate time to clearly understand our client’s vision and goals for each project prior to moving to action. Listening to build high trust is the first step.  

We also promote early engagement and collaboration between our client, design team, trade partners, and McFarland, which enables us to control variables and reduce risk through each phase of the delivery process. Our planning process allows all stakeholders to meet and exceed your preconstruction phase expectations....


Our approach to delivering value is defined by providing competitive pricing, attention to detail, and transparent communication.  

McFarland provides the following preconstruction phase features:

  • Baseline control budget for projects in early conceptual design
  • Comprehensive scope development, bid packaging, and bid management
  • Value management and partnering
  • Constructability analysis and master safety planning
  • Schedule and lean approaches
  • Site logistics and phasing plans
  • Sustainability assessment
  • Diversity engagement and prequalification

At McFarland, we understand the importance of having a team you can trust. We assign a highly skilled project team to not only provide a competitive price, but to also engage partners who are best suited to deliver on our client’s expectations for quality of work, attention to safety, and efficient project delivery.

McFarland has successfully budgeted projects on incomplete drawings and scope. They fill in the blanks by asking the right questions, so we don’t miss major cost items from the budget. McFarland also recommends innovative solutions that will save on time and cost.
Joe Fiorenza, AIA, MHA | Sr. Director | Novant Health


We know that no project is exactly like another, which is why we create a tailored approach for each assignment. We begin by fully integrating the project team early in the process. Proactive collaboration results in exceptional project planning, budgeting, scheduling, and logistics outcomes. We strive to provide a seamless transition from preconstruction to construction through integrated collaboration – the project team has a line of sight to all the preconstruction phase activities to promote knowledge sharing.

During the construction phase, McFarland takes full ownership of the budget, schedule, safety, and high-quality work. We promote collaboration and open communication amongst all parties throughout the entire project. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality project, on-time, and at the best value while ensuring the safety of everyone involved.


Accountability for the schedule is essential to success in the field. Baseline milestone schedules are prepared for each project, which includes a thorough examination of sequencing, safety, and logistics. This effort incorporates insight from the project superintendent, project manager, design team, and critical trade partners.

Our builders understand what lies ahead for each project – they anticipate variables that may impact project delivery and provide proactive, innovative solutions to mitigate potential issues.

To this end, our baseline schedule, three-week look ahead updates, and procurement logs are communicated and integrated with the entire project team. This results in high levels of predictability and accountability to deliver on our commitments for completion.

McFarland delivered our project in two phases due to time-sensitive strategies. The team provides a steady hand at the wheel, driving projects forward in a proactive and budget/schedule conscious manner highlighted with a solutionist spirit.
Mark Coleman | Vice President, Projects | JLL


Our dedication to lean processes maximizes project efficiency through collaborative planning, reduction of waste and redundancy, and proactive constraint management. As one of our core values, collaboration is essential in successful project outcomes. We utilize The Last Planner System to optimize scheduling and project planning.

Through our collaborative approach with trade partners in the field, we craft a reliable schedule, obtain task and duration commitments, and enhance workflow. A great plan is only as good as its’ execution, which is why we use three-week look-ahead schedules and the percent plan complete approach to ensure each activity is on schedule with a clear understanding of upcoming tasks, goals, and deadlines. This results in reliable project delivery and increased efficiency in the field.


The safety and health of each employee, trade partner, client, and worker is a top priority. Our safety program begins long before boots hit the ground. We develop a comprehensive safety plan for each project to ensure the entire project team is informed and equipped to deliver your project safely.

McFarland provides the following safety program features:

  • Project Specific Safety Plans
  • Daily Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
  • Project Safety Orientation and Badging
  • Covid-19 Screening Protocols
  • Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)
  • Jobsite Safety Bag, AED, and Temporary Hard Barriers
  • Scheduled and unplanned Jobsite Safety Auditing

Our program emphasizes extensive training and development, positive reinforcement, continuous improvement, and personal accountability. It is our expectation that each trade partner takes ownership and shares our commitment to safety.

While the work of delivering new spaces is important and core to their work as a General Contractor. It is as an industry advisor where McFarland differentiates itself - being a sounding board for job-site safety, through review of project processes, and a collaborator for new delivery methods.
Russ Little | JLL


In the evolving world of construction, McFarland invests heavily in technology to deliver real-time connectivity and information to our clients. We have invested in top-rated project management tools that allow us to track progress and quickly assess real-time data for each project. Our technology advantage results in increased efficiency, transparency, and timely decision-making.

McFarland invests in the following construction technology tools:

  • ProCore
  • BlueBeam
  • OxBlue
  • On Center Software (take-off)
  • SmartBid (bid solicitation)
  • Microsoft Project
  • Sharefile
  • Zoom / GoTo Meeting

Our technology advantage enables us to deliver exceptional service 24/7 without sacrificing our people-to-people service excellence.


High-quality construction and reliable functionality is an expectation for each client. Providing this outcome begins with proper planning during the design phase and takes shape in every activity we perform in the field.

Project-specific quality control plans are developed and enforced to meet our clients’ expectations by communicating and confirming a shared understanding of plans and specifications. Moreover, defining clear roles and responsibilities using staffing plans, trade partner buy-in, and a consistent submittal process reduces the likelihood of quality issues in the field. The project team is charged to orchestrate this process from start to finish.

Maximizing our clients’ investment and exceeding expectations for quality is at the forefront of each project engagement. 


The services outlined above illustrate some of the primary tools of our service offering.

However, construction is a people business.

For over a decade, we have been building more than great buildings – we’re building relationships.

When you partner with McFarland, you can be confident
that you have a team you can trust.

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