CMS | Berryhill/Reid Park K-8 Relief School

New construction of a 136,394 sf pre-K through 8th grade school situated on 25 acres of land in southwest Charlotte. The building is a 2-story, steel structure with masonry skin. Inside there are classrooms including science labs and a gymnasium (load-bearing masonry and steel structure) with crosscourt capabilities. Outside we are constructing several play areas and soccer fields.

CPCC | Central High

Removed existing, damaged and outdated slate steps and replaced them with new, facial cladding steps to the entrance of Central High bringing them to code.

CPCC | Robotics Lab

This project consisted of the renovation of approximately 6,700 sf of instructional space including labs on the 3rd floor of the Advanced Technology Center building on the CPCC campus. Room 301 LAB has megatronic type equipment of varying sizes, shapes and weights. Room 301A is used mostly for computers type equipment. Renovation was to accommodate more students.