McFarland's Plan for the Future

We are finishing up a very good year. We have added quality, long-term clients to our customer list, recruited excellent teammates to our ranks, and moved into our new office to support our continued growth.  Our pipeline of new work and JV partnerships looks very strong for 2024. Therefore, I want to share some insights from our discussions this past week. Our leadership team met for two days to discuss our strategy for the future. We focused on three specific areas:

1.) Client Satisfaction – What are the things that create client delight so our customers hire us over and over again?

2.) McFarland Core Academy - How do we provide skills training and professional development for everyone to rise together in supporting our growth?

3.) Operational Excellence - What are essential processes and procedures that align our operations and functional teams to gain efficiency and achieve high performance?

The leadership team created several strategies to address the questions above. Our goal is to put these strategies into action over the course of the next few months. All of you will be involved in helping us achieve these objectives. We will communicate more about the actual tasks and topics as we launch these initiatives in the months to come.

McFarland has grown leaps and bounds over the past 13 years. The best way to keep paces with our success is to continue investing in our people, processes, and partnerships. That is exactly what we will continue to do! Keep up all the hard work and thank you for being part of the McFarland team.