McFarland Core Academy


Tools we can use to manage risk in our business

Managing risk within our business is an ongoing challenge. What tools do we use to make sure we are not setting ourselves up for a bad day?

Behind every successful project is a great schedule

Read more about the three principles we need to uphold as we lead the process of building at McFarland Construction.

McFarland's Plan for the Future

The best way to keep paces with our success is to continue investing in our people, processes, and partnerships.

Email and Text Like a Pro

It is important to think about how you come across in your written communication. Here are some tips on how you can better represent McFarland Construction in your email and text conversations.

Every Penny Counts

It is essential that we stay true to earning our fees and receiving payment for the work we do. Here are a few pro tips for making certain we earn our projected profits and fees.

Be Accountable! Climb the Ladder!

How do you take responsibility for getting the results you want?

My Start in Construction

Celebrating Women in Construction week, Donna Mantooth tells her story on how she got started in construction.

Living Our Values

Community, Commitment and Collaboration – these are the driving factors in all of our actions and behaviors at McFarland Construction. We are excited to launch our first high school internship program, as it embodies our core values and will fulfill each of them in different ways.

The Foundation of Success: Why Safety is Paramount at McFarland Construction

Among the myriad of companies striving for excellence, McFarland Construction stands out not only for its impressive portfolio but also for its unwavering commitment to safety. Let’s examine why safety is not just a priority but an indispensable asset for our success.