McFarland Construction is a full-service Construction Management, General Contracting, and Design-Build Company.

Organized in April 2010 and based in North Carolina, our team has consistently delivered service excellence on complex projects to some of the region’s most respected clients.

As a minority-owned small business, we take great pride in promoting project diversity and tailored client service. Our clients value our focused approach and ease of access to every McFarland team member, resulting in repeat engagements, strong relationships, and trusted leadership.




Construction is more than building structures, it’s about creating opportunities within the communities where we build. Communities are created by people with a common goal - help and unite one another. It is our goal to not only build facilities that impact the community but to also give back in meaningful ways to support the communities we serve.


Proving your commitment requires action. It’s not about talking about what needs to be done, it’s about doing. We are committed to delivering on our promise, exceeding expectations, and doing what is right for our clients, partners, employees, and the community.


Collaboration is at the core of what we do. It’s about open communication, listening to and learning from one another, valuing differing ideas, and coming together to deliver innovative solutions and service excellence.
We don’t just talk about our values, we live by them every day.
They are the driving factor in all of our actions and behaviors at McFarland Construction.

What does Collaboration mean to Manoj?

Collaboration is a process through which a set of enthusiastic minds come together to solve challenging/complex problems.

Manoj Raju, Assistant Project Manager

What does Community mean to Doug?

Community means you are part of something bigger than yourself. A community shares common values and objectives while honoring the individual characteristics of its members. A community shares the burden and in turn, the harvest.

- Doug McElvy, EH&S Director

What does Collaboration mean to Cindy?

Collaboration is the motivation to help the company’s goals come to fruition. It is working hard as a TEAM and recognizing the value and potential of each member.

Cindy Perez, Executive Assistant

What does Commitment mean to Sean?

To me commitment means putting in long hours when no one is watching, Striving to always be better and more knowledgable in your craft. Working hard when others might not be.

Sean Condron, Site Superintendent

What does Community mean to Nick?

It is not a place but a group of interconnected people who have similar values. It means sharing common positive traits and coming together to create meaningful change through a connecting message.

Nick Ray, Director of Preconstruction

What does Commitment mean to Becki?

Being dedicated to a cause, activity or goal that you see through to the end, no matter what obstacles may get in the way

Becki Wilson, Preconstruction Coordinator


McFarland has built a diverse leadership team comprised of broad skills and a dedication to building trusted client relationships and a collaborative work environment. Culture emerges from how people show up and contribute to promoting innovation, integrity, and a commitment to the collective success of the team.

McFarland’s leadership is dedicated to fostering a team that honors our core values and provides a transparent workplace dynamic with attention to customer service, quality project delivery, and providing strong community impact.

Tino McFarland


Ben Wilhelm

President / COO

Gene Harris

VP Client Relations

Tamara McFarland

VP Community Relations

Donna Mantooth

VP of Operations

Doug McKelvy, CSP

Director EH&S

Nick Ray

Director of Preconstruction

Yasir Faraj, MBA, PMP

Director of Operations, Raleigh Region

Michelle Smith

Director of Marketing

Monica Roach

HR & Talent Acquisition Manager

Cynthia Ingram

Finance Manager

Matt McArthur

General Superintendent
McFarland Construction Team


McFarland promotes and celebrates diversity. We are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive workplace both internally and externally. Recruiting and retaining a diverse talent base is intentional and requires embracing collaboration, understanding the value of differing ideas and views, and the importance of open communication. Our team’s unique perspectives and varied backgrounds result in the development of innovative, forward-leaning solutions.

McFarland carries this commitment to diversity forward to each of our engagements. Through an intentional investment in local, diverse firms, our programs not only achieve short-term goals but also have a lasting impact on the local community and construction industry for years to come. Building capacity and lifting up emerging diverse partners links directly to who we are as a company.

Our Clients

Our team has consistently delivered service excellence on complex projects. Clients value our focused approach and ease of access to every team member, which has resulted in repeat engagements, strong client relationships, and McFarland being referred to as a trusted team member.

Keeping clients top of mind is a staple and mainstay of our business model. Each client relationship has been established and nurtured through years of working together while building trust with every successful project completion.

McFarland Construction Clients
Fifth Third Bank appreciates our partnership with McFarland Construction. McFarland’s focus on community, commitment and collaboration aligns directly to values of Fifth Third Bank. This partnership has brought the right expertise to help us achieve expansion strategies. Finally, partnering with McFarland, as a diverse supplier, helps us strengthen the communities we serve.
Thomas Neltner, Fifth Third Bank, SVP, Director of EWS & Chief Security Officer
McFarland Construction Atrium Health
McFarland Construction Capital One
McFarland Construction City Of Charlotte
McFarland Construction Wells Fargo


Recognition is one indicator of success, and we are honored to be celebrated with recent achievements. We attribute this success to our focus on collaboration, our trusted relationships, sustainable growth, and promoting an inclusive and engaging workplace.
Largest Black-Owned General Contractor in Charlotte, Charlotte Business Journal
Fastest-Growing Privately-Owned General Contractor in Charlotte, Charlotte Business Journal
Largest Contractor in Charlotte, Charlotte Business Journal