We Support Diversity, Inclusion & Equality

The murders of George Floyd and countless other people of color, carried out by the hands of those with the responsibility to serve and protect is a far too frequent, unacceptable and a long lived theme throughout American history. The subsequent protests, both peaceful and not so peaceful, signify the fact that people of color and those that side with equality have had and seen enough. Some would like to believe our society has come a long way from the atrocities of slavery and the Jim Crow laws ending with the Civil Rights movement, but we must challenge that notion. While our society no longer requires black people to physically sit at the back of the bus or stand in a separate line for a drink of water, the psychology of division is alive and well and in some instances perpetrated by the actions of evil people and/or held on to behind the mask of historical significance (i.e. statues of confederate generals and/or the confederate flag) or the concept of preservation – google segregation academies.  So while some would think we have come a long way, we obviously have a final frontier on our journey towards providing equality in Life, Liberty, and Happiness for All. This final frontier is developing a pure and unwavering mentality of equality – as the mind and heart is the start of all human action.

Appreciating diversity is a long, winding road. However, we must explore avenues for a better, more aspiring narrative than the one we are witnessing today. If we work collectively to embrace and celebrate the aspects that make us all different and unique, while staying focused on tearing down the social structures that create divisiveness, together we can shift the narrative. In the absence of a positive shift in behaviors and inclusion, social justice will continue to be stunted by stories like the one we are witnessing on the heels of George Floyd’s death.

We mourn the loss of George Floyd and for each of our brothers and sisters that have been victims of racism and/or our “justice” system. We share the pain of millions of others across our country who are trying to make sense of a senseless death. There can be a better version of the American story that hopefully emerges from the events of the last few weeks. At some level, trust and appreciation for what values we share in common has to take precedent over power and prejudice.

McFarland Construction condemns all racism, inequality and injustice. We promote and celebrate diversity and align our efforts to work tirelessly in promoting community, commitment and collaboration. We have a storied history of delivering service excellence while creating opportunities for individuals that have not always been given a fair opportunity and/or valued. Please join us in doing the same.  

Sincerest Regards,

Tino McFarland & The McFarland Construction Family