McFarland Construction Business Continuity Statement Regarding COVID-19

25 Mar 2020

The McFarland Construction team continues to monitor the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, and are responding to ensure the safety of our colleagues, clients and partners. We maintain ongoing operations to provide service to our clients, while following extra precautions by working remotely to reduce office headcount, maintain social distancing, separate our working shifts from vulnerable populations, and provide ample hand sanitizing and deep cleaning procedures on all our active job sites.

We appreciate the unyielding commitment and ongoing support of our government, public safety officials and emergency medical and healthcare workers. Be safe and practice good self-care, everyone. Thank you.

– McFarland Construction

A Message to McFarland Construction Clients, Partners, and Colleagues:

18 Mar 2020

We are vigilant in tracking how our business is impacted by the rapid expansion of the Coronavirus. In accordance with our values of collaboration, commitment, and community, we have implemented proactive measures to protect all stakeholders related to McFarland Construction.

Consistent with the guidelines of the CDC, our teammates are practicing social distancing by working remotely wherever possible to minimize our office headcount and limit the potential of broad-based exposure. Furthermore, all of our colleagues and trade partners have moved in-person meetings to virtual collaboration sites to limit group gatherings. To the extent that our clients are permitting work, we have implemented mandatory sign-in and screening of all trade workers upon arrival at the job site. Everyone has been informed of the presenting symptoms of Coronavirus, so we implemented protocols to practice containment and shelter-in-place provisions in the event that anyone suspects potential exposure through social interactions.

Information on Coronavirus

Should you find yourself exposed or feel symptoms in North Carolina, please refer to: or call the NC COVID-19 Helpline: 866-462-3821.

For South Carolina, please refer to: or call SC Dept of Health at 855-472-3432.

For the most up-to-date reliable information on Coronavirus, please refer to:

Thank you for your partnership and be safe.

-The McFarland Construction Team